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Nothing zaps your energy and good intentions like stress or chronic pain. If you’re tired or hurting, you’re not enjoying life, and you have less energy to spare for the people and things you love. The good news is that clinical massage therapy can provide relief, healing, and management for your chronic tension and aches. It also happens to feel fantastic! Call Naturally Designed Bodywork today!


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What Clients Say


“I have been going to Shannon for a few months and she has really helped me with my neck issues. She takes the time to ask questions every time before and also when making appointment what she should work on. The massage room is nicely set up. I can really recommend her for both a general well massage as well as for addressing specific problems.” -Anders


What Clients Say

Had an awesome hot stone massage from Shannon a few weeks ago. She has got that magical touch! Thank you so much left there feeling wonderful! Simply cannot wait to do it again. – Kim Refner


What Clients Say

Great massage, Shannon does a wonderful job. Will be back again and again. – Nancy Rose

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