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Shannon Moe has spent the last few years cultivating a passion and dedication for the work that she loves, and work that can help change peoples lives– clinical massage therapy. 
Even though Shannon had always practiced healthy dietary habits and exercise, the incredible relief from stress and pain in her first massage was unexpected. After experiencing the benefits of massage therapy for herself, Shannon became passionate about the healing and health of others. This past year, she has been able to share her healing attention through touch, movement therapy, and medical massage in her own thriving, private practice. 
Through medical and clinical massage, Shannon aims to support her patients in the recovery and rehabilitation from injury and chronic illness. With sessions designed to meet the individual needs of patients, Shannon is a practitioner that takes the time to listen and evaluate your pain, in order to seek lasting results. 

Meet Shannon Moe

While massage is often associated with stress relief and relaxation, clinical massage is ultimately focused on the medical care of the body. Through a combination of medical massage training, and incorporated stretches and movements to relieve joint pain, Shannon takes massage a step further, and uses physical touch and pressure to help the body heal itself.
With the increase of technology and healthcare expenses, massage has become an even more valuable service. It can help people to recover better from an injury, strengthen new exercise goals, or improve training for an athletic event. It helps manage chronic pain, medical issues, and stress while also creating an awareness of posture, and long term effects on joints.

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Shannon Moe is a licensed massage therapist. She completed her training at the Integrative Health Science Institute of Massage in Michigan. She specializes in Wellness Massage, Sports Massage, and Table Thai Yoga Massage, which blends the movements of traditional Thai Massage with traditional Yoga principles. Since 2015, she has been providing a personalized, natural, and relaxing service to benefit her patient’s health.
In addition to massage, Shannon spends her time with her husband Ben, their pets, and her wonderful family. Shannon enjoys a good comedy show, and the opportunity for road trips around Michigan. Her personality makes her a natural at relieving the stress of others, and bringing a sense of calm to the room. Shannon has also spent over 10 years in graphic design/pre-press field. She currently enjoys doing freelance work, and the independence of having a diverse set of skills.

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