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Shannon’s massage style is slow, intense, and incredibly soothing. She works with her patients to create a unique treatment plan that addresses the specific needs of the body, while also feeling wonderful.
This unique treatment plan involves an interview before the massage to touch on medical information and history, evaluating how the muscle feels and reacts to treatments, and an offering of a variety of self care routines afterwards.


Please take a look at our services below to see what works best for you. If you have more questions, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us. If you’re ready to go– awesome! You can book your appointment now.

Wellness Massage – 1 Hour – $60, Package of 4 – $216 (10% savings per visit)


Stress Relief | Minor Aches and Pains | Joint Stretching

If you don’t know exactly that you need, this is the massage to start. This thorough, full-body massage explores the areas of tension and pain in your body while providing all-around stress relief and wellness support. Shannon uses a range of techniques and pressures to get at the problem areas without strain to your body. Come in, take a deep breath, and let your chronic aches go.


Table Thai – 30 minutes – $28 

Stretching | Clothed | Brief

This ancient massage tradition relies on therapeutic stretching of your muscles and joints, with yoga-inspired techniques. The stretches and compressions of Table thai will loosen the body, improve mobility, reduce pain, and relieve stress. Because you are fully clothed during this shorter massage, it is the perfect step for anyone who wants to begin experimenting with massage, but are a little unsure. 

Sports Massage – 1 Hour – $60, Package of 4 – $216 (10% savings per visit)

Support Athletic Training | Improved Recovery | Relaxing

Whether you’re a dedicated weekend jogger or a semi-pro athlete, if you’re serious about your sport, you know how important it is to support your body by eating right, drinking right, and stretching it out. Sports massage before or after an intense training can counter muscle fatigue, and promote quicker recovery. This means you’ll be lowering your risk for strains, while increasing your range of motion. Shannon’s technique includes traditional muscle massage, as well as joint stretching to target areas that you may have worked or injured.

Issue Specific Treatment (Medical/Clinical Massage) – 1 Hour – $75, Package of 4 – $270 (10% savings per visit)

Targeted | Pain Relief | Healing

Medical/Clinical massage is a part of a larger treatment plan. The careful, focused work relieves pain and promotes healing of medically diagnosed conditions and injuries. A wide range of techniques can be used to release points of pressure, improve flexibility and mobility, reduce swelling, and increase circulation to affected areas without straining your body. 

Your doctor needs to be informed when you are using massage as part of your overall treatment plan so that he or she can assess any possible complications and monitor your progress.

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